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1724 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd
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(504) 525-2767 (6246)
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Exhibition History
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January - February 2006 Katrina, You Bitch! A group show. Jan 7 thru Jan 26 including; Sean Starwars  Dirty Work : Woodcuts. 21st Century Blues: New Sculpture by Christopher Scott Brumfield.
November - December 2005 All Dressed Up. Curated by Dan Tague. A group show including: Daphne Loney, G.A.S., Maxx Sizeler, Jessica Goldfinch, Jonathan Traviesa, Juie Anne Pieri, Andrea Loest, Denis Couvillion, Heather Weathers, Kimberly Dummons, and Dan Tague
October 2005  11am to curfew: Sallie Ann Glassman Glimpses of the Invisible and Altered Perceptions II Artists with Mental Illness
June 2005  Herbert Singleton: An Informal Exhibition of Recent Carvings: Panels, Oak Limbs, and a Cypress Door, Bernardo of New Orleans: The Photography of Bernardo Wade
May 7 - June 30, 2005  Pinky Bass, Ruth Marten, Dana Moore, Laura Noland-Hunter, Kathy Vellard, Alexis Wreden and New Work Finger paintings, by John Arceneaux
March 5 - April 30, 2005 Tasha Robbins :The Spirit That Moves Us
February 12 - March 5, 2005 Hydriotaphia: New Orleans Artists Design Their Own Funeral Urns
January 8 - February 28, 2005 Matjames: New Constructions
December 4, 2004 - January 30 2005 Karoline Schleh: Travel Notes and Jill Solomon: Out of the Fire
November 6 - December 30, 2004 Glamazon. New Paintings by Elizabeth Fox
October - November 2004 HIP-HOP Art As Resistance; Willie Birch, Jeffrey Cook, Denis Holt, Paul Deo
October 30 - 31, 2004 New Orleans’ Fourth Annual Book Fair
October 2 - 29, 2004 Altered Perceptions: Artists With Mental Disabilities, New Orleans and Austin. All proceeds go to NAMI/NO to assist in establishing a permanent arts program.
June - July 2004 BioDiscourse: The Tree Ring’s Testimony  Rubbings by Ryan Burns
May - June 2004 Fatima’s Dream  Small Works by Rene Stout
May 2004 Glass and Metal Chris Fiertner
April - May 2004 Selections From the Selket Series and Other Remote Views Mike Fedor
March - April 2004 Not-Your-Mama’s-Jazz-Fest-Poster (download "History of the New Orleans Jazz Fest Poster" by Dr. Andy Antippas) Participating artists included: Michael Willmon, Julie Crozat, Sean Star Wars, Patrick Lichty, Matjames, Michael Fedor, John Slade, Andrea-Volkoff Senutovich, Mike Smith, Cynthia Scott, Joe Fontana, Ryan Burns, John Lawson, Chris Johns, and Roy Ferdinand
March 2004 Teratology  New Assemblages by John Greco
February 2004 Immersed in Myth  Kristin Meyers New Wire Sculpture
October - November 2003 Low–Tar Fantasies New Woodcut prints by Sean Star Wars
January - February 2003 Das Wunderkammer Patrick Lichty
December 2003 - January 2004 Other Voices, Other Rooms New Paintings Myrtle Von Dammitz III
November - December 2003 Bulletproof Shotworks David Bradshaw, David Surls, Chief Sua-Nah-Ska, William Burroughs, Tina Girouard, and Robert Rauschenberg
September - October 2003 The Vices: Julie Crozat & John Lawson.  
April - May 2003 The Louisiana Purchase Dis-Mantled. A group show within which artists redefine the idea of the historical painting and artifact. Artists participating include: Julie Crozat, Michael Willmon, Willie Birch, Douglas Bourgoise, Sean Star Wars, Patrick Lichty, Jeffrey Cook, Michael Murrell, Christopher Fischer, John Greco, Adam Farrington, Matjames, Robert Tannen, Michael Fedor, Andrea-Volkoff Senutovich, Mikd Smith, Herbert Singleton, Melissa Turner, Chris Johns, Michael Varisco, Elizabeth Shannon, Cynthia Scott, Andi Faith, Daphne Loney, Anastasia Pelias, Shawn Hall, Gary Oaks, Charles Barbier, Chris Radcliffe, Philip Read, Patti D'Amico, Willaim Warren, Troy Headrick, John Slade, Joe Fontana, Ryan Burns, Raegan Robinson, Dennis Holt, Marian McLellan, Jimmy Descant, Debbie Rosenbaum, and Ed Dieringer.
March - April 2003 Patti D'Amico and William Warren: On The Verge. Paintings, drawings, and sculpture based on the artists personal response to 9/11 and the Iraqi conflict.
February - March 2003 The Decline of Western Evolution. A group show curated by Dan Tague. Arists include: Trish Maud, Srdan Longar, Daphne Loney, Gina Phillips, Kathy Sizler, Jessica Goldfinch, Sally Heller, Blake Boyd, Malcolm McClay, Courtney Egon, Thomas Whitmore, Bob Carey, and Dan Tague.
February 2003 George Gorvine: A Hawk From a Handsaw. Politically themed sculpture constructed from brass, steel, and animal bones. The prototype of a newly patented urban motor-scooter will also be on view.
January 2003 John Arceneaux: Paintings and Drawings. Arceneaux exhibits abstract renderings of New Orleans sidewalks and streets. Ryan Burns: Puzzles. Cryptic mixed media work exploring the relationship between the inner and outer self.
December 2002 Works by Michael Charles Murrell and Pam Longobardi. Two members of the Arts Faculty of Georgia State University in Atlanta exhibit recent work.
October - December 2002 The New Orleans Small Press Book Fair. The Fair was organized by Gorsky Press (Chicago), Garrett County Press (New Orleans), and Babylon Lexicon (New Orleans). There will also be an exhibition of hand-made books by New Orleans artists.

September - October 2002 Jimmy Descant: Metal Paintings.  Descant creates amber-like suspensions of discarded ready-mades.
September - October 2002 Introducing New Orleans African American Artists. An exhibition of 58 New Orleans African American artists, most of whom have never exhibited before. The show was curated by Robert Tannen and Andy Antippas. Among the artists included are Kimberly Dummons, Charles Simms, Gerald Caliste, Russell Robinson, Ransom McCormick, Lynn Wilder, and Al White.
June - July 2002 Displaced:The Demolition of Public Housing in New Orleans; Photographs by Harold Baquet, Keith Calhoun, Chandra McCormick, Linda Rosier, and Michel Varisco.
May - June 2002 John Lawson: The Second Coming.
March - April 2002 Lenin Busted , 50 of New Orleans finest artists interpret a bust of Lenin,
In Gallery 2;  John Greco: Wunderkammer" and "Matjames: Architectural Autopsies."
January - February 2002 Roy Ferdinand: In You Fucking Face"
December 2001 - February 2002 Psychomachias: works by Bill Komodore and Michael Collins
November - December 2001 Gathering Evidence: New Paintings by Myrtle Von Damitz
October 2001 (Gallery 2) Day of the Dead: A group exhibition curated by Hugo Montero.
October - November 2001 Group Show with John Arcenaux, Clifton Faust, James LeLande and Robert Tannen.
June - August 2001 Women Without Walls: A group show from Charlottesville, Virginia. New work by NiNi Baeckstrom, Ann Cheeks, Andrea Faith, Kali Girasek and Reba Peck.
April - May 2001 Exploring Assemblage in New Orleans: An Exhibition Curated by Christopher Fischer." Leslie Addison, Chris Hannon, Matjames, Ron Bechet, Jeff Jennings, Raine Bedsole, Audra Kahout, Willie Birch, Rosemary Kimbel, Dr. Bob, John Lawson, Drex Brumfield, Paul Leblanc, Sandy Chism, Gina Phillips, Carrie Christian, Regan Robinson, Jeffery Cook, Chief Smiley Ricks, Joy Ebel, Elizabeth Shannon, Adele Elliott, Rene Stout, Roy Ferdinand, David Sullivan, Chris Fischer, Robert Tannen, Richard Fitzgerald, Melissa Turner, Jan Gilbert, Myrtle Von Dammitz, Tina Girouard, Clifton Webb, John Greco, George Yerger and Andrea Volkoff-Senutovich. "Assemblage
The New Orleans Vernacular. A panel discussion, which included the following; Dr. Bruce Raeburn, Director of the Hogan Jazz Archive at Tulane Dr. Kenneth Holditch, Professor of Southern Literature, UNO Errol Barron, FAIA, Barron and Toups, and lecturer, Tulane University, School of Architecture Sallie Ann Glassman, Priestess and author of Voudou Visions (1999) Dr. J. Richard Gruber, Director, Odgen Museum of Southern Art Dr. Michael Pelias, Associate Professor of Philosophy, LIU, Brooklyn Rene Broussard, Director of Zeitgeist Multi-Disciplinary Theatre, Chris DeBarr, formerly, Pastry Chef at Commander's Palace Moderator, Dr. Andy P. Antippas
March 2001 The Spirit of Haiti: Including the work of Susan Robinson, Tina Girouard, David Bradshaw, Sallie Ann Glassman, Ulrick Jean-Pierre, Duval Carre, Daniel Morel, Bien Amie, Barras, and Valrie's Voodoo flags.
February 2001 The Mostly Anarchistic Postal Art of Michael De Luna Hernandez and Michael Thompson (Chicago).
December 2000 - January  2001 Photoanatomic: Shelby Lee Adams, Max Aguilera-Hellweg, Gwen Akin and Allan Ludwig, Steven Katzman, Scott Lindgren, Olivia Parker, Rosaman Purcell, Richard Ross, Harvey Stein, Arne Svenson, William Wegman and Joel-Peter Witkin. A photography show in conjunction with the Mutter Museum of The College of Physicians and Surgeons (Philadelphia) Including a lecture by Gretchen Worden, Director.

Barrister's is especially proud that the assemblage show was rated the 8th best show of 10 for the year 2000. The following comments by Douglas Maccash appeared in The Times Picayune. (Dec 29, 2000)
"Photoanatomic," an exhibit of images from the collection of the Mutter medical museum in Philadelphia, closes tomorrow at Barrister's Gallery. ...and several other nationally known photographers transformed the skulls, bottled specimens and plaster casts of disfigured body parts into improbably beautiful images. This was a breakout show for Barrister's, which began augmenting it's collection of ethnographic art, folk art and oddities with contemporary art exhibits in 1999.

An added highlight was the standing room only talk by Mutter director Gretchen Worden on opening night. Regardless of how exciting the art may be, the atmosphere in most commercial art galleries is more or less like a furniture showroom. Not Barrister's. Though it can sometimes be distracting, the endless collection of art and oddments at this off-the-beaten-path gallery puts every show in a vivid, earthy, and often perfectly appropriate context.
November 2000 Two Artists from New Mexico: Paintings by Kristine McAllister (Taos) and assemblage work by Andrea Volkoff-Senutovich (Santa Fe)
October 2000 New Sculpture " by Blake Boyd (Slidel, La.)
September 2000 Labyrinths I: A group show of emerging artists. Animal, Cary Christian, Erica Dewey, Joy Ebel, Amanda Frank, Kat Hill, Carrie Ann Plank, Veronica Powers, Raegan Robinson, Myrtle Von Damitz III and Faith Hill. Co-curated by Erica Dewey and Anne Horel (New Orleans)
June - July 2000 New Orleans Noire: New Orleans artists reflect on the seamy underbelly of New Orleans. Curated by Gary Oaks and presented in league with Zeitgeist.
May - June 2000 Sextablos: 60 artists from Chicago and New Orleans poke merciless fun at the Mexican exvoto tradition.
April 2000 Barrister's Folk Artists in Taos, New Mexico: At Jaqueline Loyd Gallery in Ronchos de Taos (recently moved to Santa Fe).
Also on view was a rough cut of Blue Rhino's documentary ''Life and Death at Barrister's Gallery.''
April 2000 Private Moments: Bondage Photographs by Barbara Nitke.
April 2000 (Gallery 2) -- Scrambled Porno by Nicholas Syracuse
February - March 2000 (Gallery 2) Xperi MENTAL PAIN tings: And assemblages by Matjames. Peruvian Phantom Forms: Works by Jorge Castille-Bambaren (Lima, Peru).
January 2000 Sculptures and Paintings: Michael Greathouse and Daniel Tague (MFAs, U.N.O).
December 1999 Art Brutes: (New Orleans, Louisiana) Works by Dr. Bob, Peter Wood, Amzie and Dimitri Thompson.
November 1999 Visions of Haiti: Works by Ulrick Jean-Pierre (Haiti and New Orleans, Louisiana) - Oil paintings depicting the history of revolutionary Haiti.
October 1999 Sally and Monceaux -- Abu Sally (Taos) - Oil paintings of the New Mexican landscape. Morgan Monceaux (Providence, Rhode Island) - Linotypes and mixed media paintings of African-American opera divas. Mixed-media paintings of African-American cowboys. (The latter were used to illustrate Mr. Monceaux's book, ''My Heroes, My People: African Americans and Native Americans in the West'', Farrar, Straus, 1999. D-2000.)
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