April-May, 2003
The Louisiana Purchase Dis-Mantled
Re-Visions Of Our History
"The Emperor Has No Pants"
Julie Crozat
oil on canvas  60" x 36"  2003

ms. word exhibition downloads by Dr. Andy Antippas

Louisiana Purchase Exhibition Guidelines
The Lousiana Purchase: History and Consequences


A group show within which artists redefine the
idea of the historical painting and artifact.
Artists participating include: Julie Crozat, Michael Willmon, Willie Birch, Douglas Bourgoise, Sean Star Wars, Patrick Lichty, Jeffrey Cook, Michael Murrell, Christopher Fischer, John Greco, Adam Farrington, Matjames, Robert Tannen, Michael Fedor, Andrea-Volkoff Senutovich, Mikd Smith, Herbert Singleton, Melissa Turner, Chris Johns, Michael Varisco, Elizabeth Shannon, Cynthia Scott, Andi Faith, Daphne Loney, Anastasia Pelias, Shawn Hall, Gary Oaks, Charles Barbier, Chris Radcliffe, Philip Read, Patti D'Amico, Willaim Warren, Troy Headrick, John Slade, Joe Fontana, Ryan Burns, Raegan Robinson, Dennis Holt, Marian McLellan, Jimmy Descant, Debbie Rosenbaum, and Ed Dieringer.