Life & Death at Barrister's
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"The work Barrister's displays carries scholarly documentation, but it is beyond simple 'explanations'--it speaks directly to the primitive mind that prowls beneath each and every one of our civilized surfaces. As another reviewer mused, 'This work has a depth and a vital spirit all of its own...every single piece of art in Barrister's is alive. You don't "own" this kind of art; you (politely) invite it to come and live with you.'


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The New Orleans urban folk/outsider artists developed and matured by Barrister's Gallery have reached legendary stature: Roy Ferdinand, Dr. Bob, Singleton, Amzie, Big Al Taplet, Greg Kowelewski, Also Aswell, Richard Fitzgerald, Salli Ann Glassman, John Lawson, Welmon Sharlehorn


These artists have participated in numerous major exhibitions in the U.S. and Europe, and they have received adulatory reviews. The greatest compliment to the achievement of these artists, however, is the documentary, "Outside the Lines: Life and Death at Barrister's Gallery," filmed by Blue Rhino and produced, in part, by Tom Fontana, the producer of the major HBO shows, Oz and Homicide. Marcus Whittman, the director, spent the better part of three months interviewing and capturing the bursting creativity of these splendid artists and exploring their relationship to Barrister's Gallery. Their works form the spine of many important collections of American folk/outsider art--their best vintage pieces and newer works are available at the most responsible price from Barrister's. The creation of the Barrister's documentary was a watershed experience for us.

With the expansion of the Gallery's facilities to O. C. Haley Blvd. and a new commitment to an exhibition schedule of trained fine and outsider artists, it quickly became apparent we had too much on our plate. Consequently, we decided to sever our active ties with some folk artists (although, we still keep an inventory of their work.) Consequently, we have settled down to representing the work of Herbert Singleton, Roy Ferdinand, Dr. Bob, Al Taplet, John Lawson, Welmon Sharlehorn and Gregory Kowlewski. We have also added Sharon Hardy and Roger Conners - two very promising African American woodcarvers.

A personal note about the always touchy relationship between a gallery and its artists: galleries deliberately contract their artists to prevent them from selling outside the gallery. Barrister's Gallery has never put an artist under contract; instead, we have the option of choosing the best work of an artist for the Gallery's inventory -- the body of work of all artists, specially folk artists, is uneven; we have, in most cases seen 100's of pieces of art from these artists and there is no one better positioned to select those pieces which reflect the inspiration which made those artists famous. We strive to represent always the very best of an artist's work at the most responsible prices.

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