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Herbert Singleton
Died July 5, 2007
If you wish to sell any of Herbert's work purchased from Barrister's Gallery, or elsewhere, please contact us and I will help you find a buyer. Because I have  
been Singleton's dealer and friend for over 15 years,  I am most familiar with his
carving and painting  techniques and can provide you with a document 
certifying the authenticity of your piece.

It came to my attention eight years ago that, unhappily, while I was in the
complicated process  of moving thousands of pieces of inventory from Royal
Street in the Quarter to what is now my  former location on O. C. Haley Blvd,
in 1999-2000,  unscrupulous, pernicious dealers acquired pieces which were
unfinished and subsequently augmented  and painted by others--an enterprise,
apparently that began even earlier—I have already tracked down six of these
forgeries. It has also become  apparent that another New Orleans carver has
tried to emulate Herbert's style and subject matter and  already passed on
some of his own work as Herbert's.  Put your mind at ease, or go get
your money back.

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Herbert Singleton, noted folk artist dies.

from the New Orleans Times Picayune

Herbert Singleton in
Raw Vision magazine

Singleton's Favorite Piece:
The Deity of Deception and Trikeration
by Andy Aantippas

Interview with Herbert Singleton
Conducted by Andy Antippas

Reading Herbert Singleton
by Andy Antippas

Commentary on some of  Singleton's imagery
by Andy Antippas
Singleton with Deity of Deception
              and Trikeration
 Catch Me If You Can
Catch Me If You Can

Jazz Funeral
Jazz Funeral

Monkey on his Back
John Coltrane: Monkey On His Back

Mr. Death
Mr. Death
He Fell From Grace

 He Fell From Grace

Killer Stick

Killer Stick

Strange Fruit

Strange Fruit

Glad You Gone You Rascal You
The Heroine Man

Dr. Killkey
The Heroine Man