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Tues-Sat 11am-5pm


Seance Transcriptions:
(augmented and re-worked)

Jonathan Ben Uzziel and Akiba

Andy P. Antippas                                                                           Andy P. Antippas

I am here and constrained to speak the truth. I am Jonathan Ben Uzziel scribe and writer of  the targums at the time of the non-existence of the man called Jesus Christ. We scribes who  copied and paraphrased the Hebrew documents and transferred them into Aramaic did so  under the scrutiny of the Chief Rabbis. Myself, my father and his before
him and before him worked principally on the so-called Books of Moses.We regularly  made deletions and interpolations to suit the views of the Rabbis and it was very simple to  supply vowels  changing the meaning of whole passages. It was apparent from marginal  notations that this was the way the Hebrew texts had been transmitted, inseting miraculous  interventions, regularly distorting chronologies and altering the results of military  engagements in order to be able to lay claims to neighboring areas, to aggrandize certain  leaders and to diminish or eliminate the existence of others. The most shameful thing was  altering already equivocal prophecies to suit the political interest of the Rabbis .What is  called the Old Testament is nothing more than a monstrous sacredotal imposition of what  we were taught to believe was the word of  a god Jehovah. The Old Testament is neither  old nor does it testify to anything except the duplicity of our Rabbis. The whole of our  history is nothing but paraphrases of Chaldean legends learned by our Rabbis during our  stay in Babylonia. The legends of the Jews extend no further back than Ezra the Scribe who  took down the dictations of the Rabbis after the year of our return 520 years before Titus  destroyed us. Onkelos, my grandfather’s predecessor, compiled all these legends in  Aramaic, because the people could no longer read Hebrew.

I can speak further, but standing next to me is Akiba, an impatient, distinguished and
learned Rabbi; although he was my contemporary, it is here in the realm of the Spirits that  we have become companions and allies for the promulgation of the truth concerning  the  Jewish and Christian religions.

My thanks, Brother Jonathan. There is much I wish to say, but I will concentrate on
elaborating upon my friend’s themes. There was no learned Jew of our times, especially my  fellow Pharisees, who did not know that Jewish history had been largely fabricated; it was  something we never spoke about when we were living. Here in the realm of the Spirits we  argue about these things incessantly. Because of the efforts of Alexander in the East and the  Caesars in the West and North, we Jews, Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans have become  aware of the diverse religions of many peoples. Our embarrassment has been that all the  god-systems were similar—they all worshipped the One Sun God, all had angels and  demons, and all had a virgin-born savior. All the self-serving, bigoted and sectarians  priesthoods of those systems fought among ourselves as to which was the oldest and from  which all the other religions were copied. Our Rabbis were exceptional in controlling our  books, but as often as they invented, altered, and rearranged our “history,” they have often  overlooked original history because they thought it allegorical and not literal. Abraham, for  example, we are told, is our patriarch—however the Rabbiis interpret this, he was,  nevertheless, a Chaldean from Ur. And his name came to the Chaldeans from the Assyrians,  who received it from the Hindu Gymnosophists, who called their Father Brahman. The  whole truth has also survived under the noses of the Rabbis in Ezekiel 16th  book where he  tells us the story of Lady Jerusalem. Her mother, he says, was a Hittite and her father an  Amorite. And she, Ezekiel tells us, became a prostitute for the Egyptians, the Philistines,  the Assyrians, and the Babylonians—he should have added Caldeans, Armenians,  Samaritans, Persians and the poor Canaanites, whom we exterminated, lest any survive to  tell anyone that we took all their sacred sites for our One. Even Moses is the Mo of the  Moabites and the Seth of the Caldeans—Moses’ very life is borrowed from the life of  Sargon, the king of Akkad. You can equally see the disarray in the myriad names of our  Sun God; sometimes he is Zedek, sometimes Yahweh, or Elohim, or El Shaddai, or
Immanuel, or El, or Ba’al Shamem, or Yedud, or Nebo, and on and on. The way out for the  Rabbis was finally to say that his name was “ineffable,” “unutterable.” At times he  confusingly represented as a sidereal, celestial semblance, and yet he “walks” in the  Garden of Eden, “shuts” the ark door for the Babylonian Noah, wrestles with Jacob, and he  gets very, very angry—like our Rabbis.    

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