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Seance Transcriptions:
(augmented and re-worked)

Sejanus and Hillel the Elder

by Andy P. Antippas                                                                          

Andy P. Antippas

My name is Sejanus. They say I died in Your Years 31, but it was in
Your Years 36 I died, one year before my master, Tiberius Caesar.
My personal prowess as a soldier has allowed me to push through all
the Spirits trying to prevent my descent and my message. Despite
my military interests, I was always interested in philosophy and I
was a good friend of Hillel the Elder, the Jewish Platonist who
taught Greek philosophy in Jerusalem from 10 to 45 Your Years.
However, my life was one of flattery and sensuality and I do not
think my information will carry weight and I have therefore escorted
Hillel through the fiendish Christian Spirits. I will tell you now, the
only Jesus he knows of was one Jesus Malatheel, an Essene, who
was crucified by the Jews for thievery and insurgency along with
two of his fellows. I have done... allow Hillel to speak for himself.
My thanks to you, my good friend. My name is Hillel called the
Elder. Sejanus is correct concerning Malatheel: his brother Joseph
stole the body back that night becausen the Sadducees desecrated the
Essene dead. I am a Pharisee and taught from the beginning of Your
Years to the year 45, principally in Jerusalem. I did study the works
of Plato and his school and tried to infiltrate some of their ideas into
my teachings, but dispite the river of ideas flowing from Alexandria
and our Greek brethrens, my fellow Jews preferred their arid bigotry
and intolerance and they would not entertain any news from
The years in which I taught were filled with crisises for us Jews and
there were many messiahs who stepped forth to rescue us:
Zerubbabel ben Shealtied, for example, and Jeshua ben Jozadak.
There was one Essene, Menahem, from Bethlehem, who cause great
distress with his delusions of grandeur, very much like that
imaginary Jesus. When Menahem tried to involve myself and others
in his disastrous plots, I personally sent him away. He sought to take
advantage of Herod’s death and in 4 before Your Years, he attempted
to war against the Roman eagle. Quintilius Varus swooped down
upon us from Syria and slew Menahem and 160 armed followers,
and all the other Jews they could find. The Romans left Menahem’s
body unburied in the streets for three days as a warning. His body
festered and rotted until it was swept away, but his zealous followers
insisted that he had been translated to the right hand of Jehovah.  It
is clear that those who wrote the imaginary biographies of the
imaginary Jesus remembered this event. In point of fact, one of those
named John has his Jesus say, at a seder with his own followers, that
he would ask Jehovah to send them “another Paraclete” when he was
gone. That is the Greek word for our Hebrew word for “comforter,”
But if those who follow this Jesus are deluded about their messiah, it
is only because their priests learned everything from our Rabbis. We
have it written in our Mishna, after all, that there are four thoughts
forbidden to all Jews, except for the Rabbis: “What is above, what is
beneath, what was before time, and what will be hereafter”—that is
a prohibition about any speculation whatsoever—unless you are in
the company of a Rabbi. We have to envy the Greeks—who may
have never gotten anywhere with their philosophizing—but at least
they were free to think. Our priesthood tied up our people in useless
rituals and The Law—we made them nervous about meat,
superstitious about the Sabbath, about washing, about household
implements, about new moons, fasting, feasting, sacrifice, and that
quackery about circumcision. We kept them isolated from alien
ideas, and made them look everywhere instead for signs. We deluded
them about their past and their future. Our great prophets ridiculed
all these ways and we slew them. We kept their texts, not to learn
from them, but as lessons to anyone else who would dare to
challenge the authority of the Rabbis. The truth is there for all to see
—we are inflexible. Emperor Hadrian, that pervert, will finally make
Jerusalem a gentile city and reduce the Temple Mount to ruins. We
were not privileged or chosen, except for desolation.

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