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Seance Transcriptions:
(augmented and re-worked)

Claudia Pompeia Plotina Piso

by Andy P. Antippas                                                                          

I was Claudia Phoebe Pompeia Plotina Piso, the wife of Emperor Trajan, and up until my death in 129.Your Years there was no such person known as Jesus Christ. I know well and love the people of Rome and I have fought valiantly in their behalf against excessive taxation. I know what they are and what  they believe—I can tell you that they venerate a multitude of Gods, almost all of whom were tolerated  by the Emperors. Slaves and mercenaries from Asia and from the Northern and Western Empire  brought their own deities with them. Most of them were personifications of the Sun and easily  combined to form even newer gods. I had ample time for observation and contemplation during those  years, and many learned men from throughout the Empire studied with me and, incidentally, provided  instruction for  the young Hadrian, who was always by my side, as if he were my own son. What I can  say with assurance is that up until my death in 129 Your Years, there can not have been a man known  as Jesus Christ. Plutarch, who died a few years before me and who was my friend, wrote volumes about Roman and Greek history without so much as a mention of any such person and Philo the Jew, who  lived among the Essenes, could not have missed such a man, yet there is not a single remark concerning  any Jesus. I can certainly speak specifically about the letters sent to my husband from Pliny the Younger, our Prefect in Bithynia. It is said that the Prefect’s letter referred to “Christ-ians”—it did no such thing; the letters between my husband and Pliny concerned the gentle Essenes of Antioch. It was the priesthood of the Christ sect which substituted their imaginary cult leader’s name in order to establish a history which did not exist. Not only did these Christ-ian priests attempt to misconstrue correspondence, but they were also  apparently given to forging their own documents such as the alleged letter written to this savior Jesus by Abgarus.
There is an impossible amount of information available to the Spirit realm...so much so, that it is  unmanageable and destructive; consequently we Spirits with common history tend to cluster together.  However, the Pliny matter interested me so much that I have spoken with other Spirits to gather  information on the other alleged mentions of Jesus Christ and Christ-ianity among those you refer to as  Classical authors. They have set out to barbarously mutilate the texts of as many of these authors as  possible so they can then argue, for example, that our historians, Seutonius, Tacitus or Lucian may well  have mentioned their Jesus—but the texts are “missing.” When they could not get access to all the texts  of an author, Josephus, for example, they would interpolate remarks alleging Jesus’ existence in the  manuscripts they did control. 
Their priesthoods’ skill at allegorical misconstruing is remarkably impudent. In their desperation to  establish an ancient history, for example, they presume to misread Virgil, our great patriotic poet. Forty  years before the alleged birth of their cult leader, in his 4th Eclogue, Virgil wrote about the coming of a  “golden child”—this, as we all understood, referred to the never-born son of Mark Anthony and  Octavia. Those priests fastened on this, however, and decided that it prophesied the coming of their  “savior” Jesus. They practiced their skill on the Jewish holy books as well, befuddling the Hebrew  scholars by finding prophesies fulfilling the life of their savior, especially in the Jewish book of Isaiah:
that the messiah would be born of a virgin, for example. On this point, and it is excellent to witness  Greeks and Jews squabbling, those two most irritating peoples, and thrown into contention about  whether the Aramaic says “virgin” or merely “young woman.” But there were other silly prophecies as  well: that the messiah would be born in Bethlehem that he would be crucified, mocked, and scourged;  that there would be a sending out of apostles and that there would be miracles.

Not only do their priests bend texts to their own interests, but in their boundless audacity they have  tried to bend the laws of Natural Science to suit their ends. You will recall that their memoirs of Jesus  include a description of a three hour darkness which befell the world upon Jesus’ supposed crucifixion.  Now this sort of legend accompanies the births and deaths of many famous men—our own Tiberias, for  example; but that priesthood, not content with merely recounting a common legend, dragged into the  matter two chronographers, Thallos and Phlegon of Tralles, as witnesses to the darkness. Phlegon  himself told me that the eclipse he documented occurred on the southern shores of the Black Sea and  could not possibly have been seen in Jerusalem—and it certainly didn’t last three hours.                        

I must note how scrupulously these Christ-ian priests have controlled the history and the contents of  their own holy books—when they were compiled and who modified and edited them, except for some  vague, mystical attributions—it could just as easily be argued that the whole was written by my family,  the Pisos, as Matthew, Luke and the others.  This way they insidiously give the illusion that their  imaginary and inconsistent  recollections of the life of their savior and the ceremonies they have  borrowed and invented have an antique air about them, and that they came together, paradoxically and  cleverly, in some mysterious, but yet definitive process. Even their distribution, everywhere, Carthage,  Alexandria, Antioch, Ephesus, Smyrna, Athens, and Rome, Tertullian, Irenaeus, and Clement, Greeks,  Jews, Italians, Ethiopians, Armenians—all the books in use at almost the same time. There is such  dangerous organization here, such conspiracy, humanity has reason to tremble at the menacing nets of  ritual being spun to imprison their minds.  

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