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Like a Prayer: Reflections of the 21st C  Feminine                                                         1  2  3
Work by Elaine Angelopoulos, Tim Best, Kerry Brown, Lillian Butter, Evelyn Cade, Charisse Celino,
Nikki Crook, Raven Creature, Rachel David, Kim Dingle, Roy Ferdinand, Jessica Goldfinch, Amy Guidry,
McCabe Hense , Sue Ireland, Matt Jordan, Kathleen Loe, Aaron McNamee, Gary Oaks, Catherine Owens,
Yvonne Puffer, Rudolph Radlinger, Adriane Schramm,Ann Shostrom, Silke, Bob Tooke, Sarah Vanderlip,
Irene Zion, Myrtle Von Damitz, Miwa Yanagi

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Raven Creature
Margaret Meinzer
Gary Oaks
Kathleen Loe

Loss of Innocence

"Loss of Innocence 2"


10.5" x 8" oil on panel

Gary Oaks ~ Self Portrait with Ex-Husband by Geraldine Oaks

"Self Portrait with Ex-Husband
by Geraldine Oaks"

4.5" x 6.5"

The Enduring Chill

"The Enduring Chill"
60" x 60" oil,spray paint and wax on canvas

Nikki Crook
Rachel David Charise Celino
Aaron McNamee

Venus in Furs

"Venus in Furs "
24" x 48" oil on canvas

Rachel David ~ Suck for It

"Suck For It"
33" x 18" x7"  forged and fabricated
steel and scientific glass

Charisse Celino

"Empty Inside"
12" x 12" x12" Carrera Marble

Amy Rig ~ by Aaron McNamee

"Amy Rig"
28" x 22" ink on paper

Roy Ferdinand
Kerry Brown
Matt Jordan
Ryan Burns

Roy Ferdinand

22" x28" mixed media on posterboard

Roy Ferdinand

22" x28" mixed media on posterboard

Roy Ferdinand

22" x28" mixed media on posterboard

Our Mothers of St. Roche Cemetery

"Our Mothers of St. Roche Cemetery"
18" x 14" pastels on handmade paper

Off My Back

"Off My Back"
6"x 8" ink jet print

Stolen Dreams

"Stolen Dreams"
6" x 8" ink jet print

Large installation with Skeleton

"Profane Relics:An Ossuary
for the Rape of the Congo's
Women and its Mineral

Large installation with skeleton.

Large installation with Skeleton, DETAIL