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Seance Transcriptions:
(augmented and re-worked)

Euxenus of Heracleia

by Andy P. Antippas                                                                          

I was Euxenus of Heracleia in Pontus. Under license from Augustus Caesar, I commenced to
teach the doctrines of Pythagoras 25 years before what is termed the Christian era and lived
until Your Years 56. I am here to tell you that Apollonius of Tyana, a Cappadocian, a Greek like
myself, my greatest student was that person called Jesus in later times. It was his life which was
embezzled for Jesus, his visits to India, his goings from Galilee to Jerusalem.  The priesthood
destroyed his writings and suppressed his teachings to hide the spurious origins of their Christ-
ianity. Even his biography by Diogenes Laertius was made to disappear. He and I were in
Alexandria with Potamon who founded the Eclectic school also referred to as Gnostic and Neo-
Platonic. We studied the noblest human sentiments with wise men that brought manuscripts from
the philosophical schools of China, India, Persia, Armenia, Abyssinia, Greece, and from all the
lands of the Roman Empire. Potamon, of course, favored the ideas of Heraclitus, Pythagoras, and
Plato, but he willingly modified his views in the face of Apollonius’ strenuous case for including
the wisdom of the Gymnosophic ideas he had gleaned from among the Hindus and Brahmins, ideas
which he had already spread among the Essenes. These people, whom the Jews call Nazarites, had
for many generations been invested with the Zoroastrian dualisms of the Sons of Darkness and the
Sons of Light; Apollonius’ teachings brought to an end their contentious and fatalistic theology. It
was these same teachings that Apollonius spread by letter to the philosophical teachers in Antioch
and Ephesus. And it was these writings that were immediately plagiarized by the Christ-ian
priesthood and passed off as the sayings of their fictional Jesus—to whom they also ascribe
Augustus Caesar’s egomaniacal title, “Son of God.”

Now understand this, these teachings from anyone’s mouth are great and noble and represent the
best of human reason—but in the Christ-ians’ final form, it is not human reason which has brought
salvation, but the word of some god and his sacrificial son, and worse, his conniving band of
priests. The golden moral philosophy Apollonius forged in the crucible of Alexandria represents
the highest ever conceived by the minds of men—of men, it did not come from the mouth of any
god. The Stoics, both Greek and Roman, began the work and Apollonius happily sat before Attalus,
the student of  Epictetus—who was a humble freed slave—to understand the  masterful conception
that there were no Greeks and no Romans and no Jews—that we were all “citizens of the world”—
that we were at one with Nature, our creator, and as Epicetus also wrote in the same 9th section of
his 1st Discourse, “man is akin to god”—“we are all a son of god”—the great Nature which fills the
infinite Universe. This Apollonius preached in his letters to the Romans and the Greeks—that
moral good can become part of life through personal enlightenment. That through example and
discourse with wise men, foolish and evil behavior can cease and open the path to Sophia,
knowledge of the Divine of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and the Gnosis of the Eclectics. It is human
Reason and Imagination which understands that we, each of us, are the microcosmic mirror of the
countless stars—that when we die, we pass into the realm of Spirits, we return to reside among the
spheres and the Nature who made us. We each of us redeems ourselves, a bit of chaos ordered, and
like a spark fly upwards to help with the infinite labor of building a universe.

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