Dan Tague

An On-Going Grotto Installation: NO COMPLY. On Saturday, Dan will be at the Houston Fine Art Fair where he is represented by the Maria Kravitz Gallery from Argentina. He has begun to establish a temporary studio in the Barrister's Gallery grotto space, where he will be creating work out of found and donated materials for an installation called The Executioner. He will be working on the installation throughout the month of September in the grotto, during and after regular gallery hours, and you will be welcome to visit and see the progress at anytime during the month and even donate material for possible inclusion. Both the Ogden and the Acadiana Center for the Arts have indicated an interest in the completed piece.

After being rescued from his inundated Mid City neighborhood in New Orleans, he made his way to New York. In September, ten years ago, he began processing that life changing seven day experience through art. He then made work wherever he could, first in the JFK Radisson Hotel, dubbed the "Refugee Hotel," and then in a back room of a former bodega in Brooklyn. He made work with whatever materials he could get his hands on: a Gideon's bible, hotel pens, a found box of Legos, maps, toy planes, a dead tree, extension cord, paper bags, etc.

The Executioner will reflect this experience and is inspired by 80's skateboard culture: the discorded vibrant color schemes, the political awareness and rebellious attitude of the music, and tons of graphics illustrating adolescent angst.