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POP UP EXHIBIT  ~  R. Ramos: SukebeArt
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Reny Ramos

20" x 30"

Reny Ramos 2

12" x 30"

Reny Ramos 3

20" x 30"

Reny Ramos 4

20" x 30"

Reny Ramos 5

20" x 30"

Reny Ramos 6

20" x 24"

Reny Ramos 7

20" x 30"

Reny Ramos 8

20" x 30"

Reny Ramos 9

16" x 24"
printed on gatorfoam
Reny Ramos 10

20" x 20"
printed on metal

Artist Statement:

SukebeArt :

Sukebe – Japanese slang term often used for in a “perverted” context.  Ask different people and you may get different definitions, but all will pretty much come to the conclusion that involves a strong sexual desire or perversion.

The SukebeArt exhibit centers around a strong fascination with Japanese rope bondage, Kinbaku.  Kinbaku-bi directly translating to “the beauty of tight binding” is also widely referred to as Shibari.  Although Japanese bondage was practiced for binding war prisoners against their will, today’s  Practioners stem from the sexual bondage underground in which Dominant and Sub share a mutual and willing relationship.  SukebeArt depicts the emotionally intense images of what could go on in those relationships – erotic bondage play.  The main focus however is the beauty found in the intricate rope bindings and knots made to subdue the submissive, captured in a dramatic setting and light to enhance and instill a strong emotion into the viewer…for the good or bad.  If a viewer leaves the exhibit inspired or repulsed, then the exhibit was a success. Either way, it won’t be forgotten.

 Rope rigging depicted in the SukebeArt exhibit were rigging completed by the photography artist  or  New Orleans’ House of Wolves  Master – Gabriel Black.