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Post Cards from Long Island ~ curated by Christopher Saucedoclick on images for enlargement
1860 Youth, Carson Fox
Carson Fox
"1860 Youth"
13" x 15" manipulated pigment
print, acrylic on paper 2012

All In The Telling- Jennifer Mahoney
Jennifer Mahoney
"All In The Telling"
18" x 24" gouache on paper 2011

Billboard- KellyAnn Monaghan
KellyAnn Monaghan
"Billboard, Skylight and Antennae"
18" x 24" monotype on paper 2011

Morning News, Christopher Saucedo
Hannah Allen Smith
"Morning News"
12.5" x 12.5"
inkjet print on rag paper 2011

Ufoolu ~ Geoff Grogan
Jeff Grogan
"Ufoolu; page 7"
11" x 17" collage 2011

The World We Live In ~ David Hornung
David Hornung
"The World We Live In"
18" x 24" mixed media 2012

Six Pack Brand ~ Christopher Saucedo
Christopher Saucedo
"Six Pack Brand"
14" x 18" branded paper
with aluminum 2012