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Seance Transcriptions:
(augmented and re-worked)

I Was Agrippa Herodes

by Andy P. Antippas                                                                          

I was Agrippa Herodes, the Younger, ruler of Judea from 48 Your Years until Titus
dispersed the Jews in 70. During that time Apollonius, the Cappadocian Greek of Tyana,
under the name of Paulinus, was brought before me by my fellow Jews for disturbing the
peace of that country. The Jews in those days, especially the Pharisees, gladly killed
anyone who knew more of their religion and could expound it better than our Rabbis. But
because my Procurators could not find anything subversive in his behavior, except that he
knew more about the Jewish religion than my own people did, he was discharged. I
personally arranged for his safe transit to Antioch. From there, as I learned, he returned to
India to research further Pythagoras’ borrowings from the Buddhist principles and to
study documents describing the life and actions of Krishna. He found the original
documents, in the south of the country, kept by the Gymnosoph Iarchus and untouched by
the Indian priests. These he found purer and clearer than the muddled Greek versions
which had existed even before Alexander’s generals carried new paraphrased texts to
Athens and Egypt. On his way to Alexandria, Apollonius passed through Jersusalem to
speak with myself, the Nazarites, and the Greek and Roman scholars; he could not resist
an encounter with the usurious Rabin who exchange shekels on the temple steps.  They once again charged him…with blasphemy against their god Jehovah. Once again he was exonerated. This time, however, his life was in danger and I was obliged to give him a cohort almost to the gates of Alexandria.


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