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Art New Orleans, Barrister's Gallery, Outsider art,
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Cardak Ni Na

Jane Cassidy
Brief Artist Statement

When you walk into the vacuum of a silent and dark room your senses
are deprived. My goal is to fill that space with an absorbing sensory experience.

Music is my starting point. As I compose I simultaneously develop
animation so that there is a very precise correlation between both. The
form of the music is the most instructive element to my visuals. Harmony
and tone then help shape the visuals in movement and color, which pulse
in synchrony with the sound. The visuals are composed of simple geometric
shapes. These simple patterns allow me to maximize an effect and movement
in a minimal aesthetic.

I take projection away from a traditional flat surface to present it in a
way that allows us to experience light in a novel manner. Through new
projection techniques space becomes distorted, new depth is added and
illusion is created. As light becomes tangible a tension is created that
magnetizes the audience further into the work. In the darkness my works
become hypnotic, immersive and meditative bringing to audiences a
unique auditory and visual experience.