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              Barrister's Art Gallery

Art New Orleans, Barrister's Gallery, Outsider art,
                Visionary art

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PopUp Exibit for April 2013       
 Bob Tooke and Silky Thoss                                                          
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Alvin Robinson
Bob Tooke
"Alvin Robinson"

Bobby Powell

Bob Tooke
"Bobby Powell"

H. Gronemeyer

Bob Tooke
"H. Gonemeyer"

Lee D

Bob Tooke
"Lee D"

Modern Talking

Bob Tooke
"Modern Talking"

O V Wright

Bob Tooke
"O V Wright"

The Pitter Pats

Bob Tooke
"The Pitter Pats"


Bob Tooke

Webb Pierce

Bob Tooke
"Webb Pierce"

Willie Tee

Bob Tooke
"Willie Tee"

Silky Thoss- Eat

Silky Thoss
"Eat, Life is a Holiday"

Silky Thoss-- Hank

Silky Thoss
"Hank Yodel Drops"

Idea Beer

Silky Thoss
"Idea Beer"

Johnny- Silky Thoss

Silky Thoss
"Johnny Horton"

Tutti Frutti - Silky Thoss

Silky Thoss
"Tutti Frutti"

Howlin' Wolf

Silky Thoss
"Howlin' Wolf"